Soccer Leagues

We offer leagues for those 6 years old and up.  Our leagues consist of seven 50-minute matches with a USSF certified referee. The top two teams in each division (U11 and up) qualify for a championship game.

Session 1 
Adults: October 31, 2022  –  December 23, 2022  
Youth: November 12, 2022 – December 23, 2022

Session 2  
December 26 – February 2022

Session 3 
February – April 8, 2022 

How to Register

Adult Teams

Round up your friends and make your own team! This is the way most people sign up. Once the team leaders or coach registers the team, other players can be invited to join. A deposit is due on registration and team leaders can assign each player a portion of the registration fee if they choose. Each player will get an email to register, pay, and sign a waiver.

Youth Teams

New for 22/23, coaches are no longer responsible for a team balance. Coaches create the youth team and invite players, who are all responsible for their own balance, which is managed in the software.

Individuals / Free Agents

Just want to play but don’t have a team? No worries. Choose the league that’s best for you, sign up as an individual player and select the ‘House Team’. Depending on how many individual players we have sign up, we’ll either leave you on the House Team or place you on team that needs players.

New 2022-2023

We’ve moved to a new registration system that we hope simplifies things and provides a better experience.  Please have patience as we all learn how it works, and we add new features.

You’ll want to know


Indoor soccer shoes are best for our facility (sometimes called, “flats”). We do NOT allow cleats, as they’re unsafe and can damage the turf. Shin guards are required for all youth players and strongly recommended for adult players.


Team uniforms or jerseys are not required. Some teams like to find local businesses to sponsor team shirts, but many others just wear matching shirts that they already own.  We’ve also got pinnies in the arena, if you need them. We recommend that all teams just bring a light and dark shirt to each game. There are no extra points for looking good.


Practice times are available for teams who want to rent out the fields. Most teams don’t run indoor practices, so your only commitment is your once-a-week game.

Be Kind

We want to provide a supportive, welcoming experience for players and referees of all skill levels. We expect you and your fans to be kind to players on both teams and to always respect the ref. Let’s all work to keep the game in perspective – it’s a game.

House  Rules

There are rules specific to indoor soccer that you might not be aware of, along with rules specific to Allsport.  We have tried to create a fun foundation for play, and also ensure that the game and fans stay kind.  

Second Session Registration opens December 3, 2021. Priority given to Session 1 teams in good standing.

S2 Week 1 Schedules Posted
(Still spots for some teams & individuals for those who haven’t registered yet, but hurry.)

Closed for the Season

Thank you for an amazing season!  We’re open late October to early April every year. Registration for leagues opens in September, and we begin booking rentals in August. Keep practicing, and see you soon.

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Register Starting Sept 1

Registration for leagues opens in September for games starting in November. We’re currently booking rental times for the 2022-23 season.

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