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We think we’re a lot of fun, and our customers seem to so think too. Thousands of loyal customers and their families come in and out of the Arena each week. On most weekends, we’ve got roughly 800 players coming in to play. Many of them bring several family members with them, including an occasional pet goat.

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Banner Ads

Overview: We’ll hang your banner in the Arena in a prominent location for an entire season (6 months). 
Dimensions: 2.5′ x 6′ or 4′ x 10′ 
Rates: $750 (small) or $1,250 (large) + production 
Details: We have many great locations in the building and can help you produce your banner, or you can provide your own. Dimensions are approximate and larger sizes are available. Production is typically $100-$150.

Wall Stickers

Overview: These high-profile stickers are placed on the inside of our boarded fields. Select the large field (mostly adult players) or small field (mostly youth players).
Dimensions: 2′ x 3′
Rates: $1,500 + production
Details: These placements are uniquely visible to players and fans for the duration of a game. Visitors see them consistently and repeatedly instead of just passing them as they walk in.

Team Sponsorship

Overview: Support one of our house teams by funding team jerseys with your logo, as well as naming rights, which appear on schedules all year.
Rate: $1,000 
Details: This unique opportunity gives you the chance to get your brand on 10-15 player jerseys, with lasting advertising value. It also makes sure your brand appears on our weekly schedules all year long. Select an adult or youth team.

Digital Ads

Overview: We have a number of affordable digital ad placements, including on displays in the Arena and customer emails (receipts or marketing).
Dimensions: Misc
Rates: $400+
Details: We can work with you to get your brand out through our digital channels. Campaigns can reach thousands through emails and digital signage.

Second Session Registration opens December 3, 2021. Priority given to Session 1 teams in good standing.

S2 Week 1 Schedules Posted
(Still spots for some teams & individuals for those who haven’t registered yet, but hurry.)

Registration opens September 1!

We’re busy getting ready for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing you indoors in November. Keep practicing, and see you soon.

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Now booking rentals for the 23/24 season!

Register Starting Sept 1

Registration for leagues opens in September for games starting in November. We’re currently booking rental times for the 2022-23 season.

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