How to Register

For 2022-2023, we’ve moved to a new online registration system. We know there will be some growing pains (change is hard), but we’re hopeful that the new system ultimately makes life easier and allows us to bring you expanded programming options. Please take a moment to read the relevant info below, and reach out if you need help.

New for 2022/23, when registering a team, coaches are no longer responsible for team payments. We’ve changed youth teams to be billed entirely as individuals. This takes the burden off you as a coach and hopefully makes the process easier for everyone. If you’re a parent of a child who will be playing on the team, navigate to your profile and add your child to your account.  When you’re ready to register, be sure to select your child’s name at the top of the registration page as the ‘Registrant’, or youth divisions won’t appear as an option. (If you’re just registering as a manager, without a child on the team, toggle “Are you a team manager? ” at the top.) Then navigate to the desired age/gender division.  On the division page, select “Team Manager or Coach” and complete the required fields. You’ll be required to pay just the player fee if you’re registering your child for the team. After completing the checkout process, you’ll have the opportunity to ‘Invite’ other players to join your team. Those players will receive an email inviting and guiding them to register. If you prefer not to send emails, or players don’t receive your invites for some reason, they can navigate to the division page, where they’ll see your team as an option.

To register as an individual in a youth division, if you have NOT received an invite from your coach yet:

  1. Navigate to the league in which you’re interested
  2. Select ‘Player’
  3. Select ‘Request to Join’ next to your team. (If your team is not listed as an option, please get to your coach to register the team before you continue.)
  4. Your coach will get your request, and once they approve, you will receive an email inviting you to return and complete the registration process. 
  5. Complete payment and the registration checkout to be added to the team.

To register as an individual in a youth division, if you HAVE received an invite from your coach:

  1. Click on the link from in your coach’s invite.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Complete the checkout, and you’re all set.

In order to register, you’ll need to create an account on our new system. Once you have an account and select a division, you can select ‘Team Manager or Coach’ to create your team. Please be sure to toggle the checkbox that says ‘I will be playing on this team’, if that applies. You’ll be asked to pay the deposit and can checkout at that point. Below is a video walkthrough, if you need it.

Once you’re done, your team members will see your team as an option when they go to register as an individual. You’ll need to approve their requests to join your team, or you can invite them directly through your dashboard to avoid this step. Reach out if you have any trouble – this is new for all of us.


Adult Individual These instructions are for adult players who already have an established team they are joining. If you are looking for a team to join, follow the “Free Agent” instructions below. There are 2 ways to join your team.
  1. You may receive an invite from your team manager. In that case, follow the link emailed to you. Create an account in our new system and log in to accept the invite and pay your balance.
  2. You can also log in, find your team and send a request to the team manager to join. In this case, you’ll need to go to “Register“and make sure you’ve created an account in our system. Then select the division you want to play in (eg. Men’s Open, Coed). If your manager has already registered your team, you’ll see it as one of the team options and can request to join.  You’ll receive an email notification and link to join once your request has been approved.

To register as a free agent:

  1. Navigate to the league in which you’re interested (youth or adult).
  2. Select ‘Player’
  3. Select ‘Register’ for the ‘Free Agent-Individual Needing a Team’ option.
  4. Complete checkout

When the season gets closer, we’ll place you on a team. It may be an existing team that is short a player, or it may be a ‘House Team’ comprised of other free agents.

You can register in advance for pickup events through our online system. This is the best way to guarantee your spot, as many of our sessions sell out.

If you’d like to save some money, we offer “punch passes”.  You can buy a pack of 10 registrations for a discount and use them each time you book.  It makes booking quick and saves you 10%. Punch passes can be purchased in the ‘memberships and passes’ section. We recommend purchasing a pass first (as a single transaction) and then returning to use the pass to pay for individual days that you’d like to attend.  

Second Session Registration opens December 3, 2021. Priority given to Session 1 teams in good standing.

S2 Week 1 Schedules Posted
(Still spots for some teams & individuals for those who haven’t registered yet, but hurry.)

We do NOT close due to weather events, except in very rare circumstances. We understand that we’re just playing games and don’t expect you to venture out if you’re uncomfortable. However, we will be unable to make up missed games due to weather (we just don’t have space in our schedule). Come play!

Closed for the Summer

Registration opens in September for play starting in late October. Join our email list to be notified when registration opens. Eat more ice cream, and we’ll see you soon.

We take rental bookings for the 24/25 season starting on August 1.

Register Starting Sept 1

Registration for leagues opens in September for games starting in November. We’re currently booking rental times for the 2022-23 season.

Join our email list to be notified when registration opens.

Please be sure to show up at your group’s designated time (regardless of your game schedule). We need teams in early to complete the check-in process.