The Ball:

  • U12 and under – Size 4
  • U13 and up – Size 5

Player Equipment:

  • Mandatory Equipment: shin guards, shorts, flat soled shoes, light and dark shirt each time you come to play
  • Player not complying with the mandatory equipment rule will be removed from the field and the team could be assessed a 2 minute penalty

Number of Players:

  • 6 v 6 (5 field players and a keeper)
  • Co-ed teams must have 2 female players on the field at all times
  • HS premier is 5 v 5 (4 field players and a keeper) on the small field


  • Unlimited on the fly (like hockey)
  • Players coming off must be within 1 yard of the board before another player can come on, a violation of this rule may result in a 2 minute penalty
  • Neither players entering nor exiting the field may participate in play while both are on the field
  • Jumping over the boards is not allowed and may result in a 2 minute penalty

Guaranteed Substitutions:

  • After a goal, both teams can sub
  • On an injury time out, both teams can sub 1 player
  • When the ball leaves the field of play, only the team with possession can sub
  • After a penalty is issued, only the team with possession can sub
  • All guaranteed substitutions must be made withon 15 seconds or the team could be subject to a 2 minute penalty


  • Each half will be 25 minutes (running time) long with a 2 minute half time, not time outs
  • Tournament times will be set in the tournament rules
  • In semis and finals, if tied at the end of regulation, there will be a 5 minute sudden death period. If still tied after 5 minutes, penalty kicks will be taken (FIFA rules)

Free Kicks:

  • All free kicks are direct, incuding kickoffs
  • All players must be at least 10 feet from the ball, encroachment may result in a 2 minute penalty
  • All infractions within the red lines, but not in the box, will result in a direct kick from the red line
  • All free kicks must be taken within 5 seconds, if not, the referee can award the ball to the other team

Referee Cards (time penalties):

  • Blue Card – a player receiving a blue card must leave the field for 2 minutes and the team must play short for the full 2 minutes even if a goal is scored, 2 blue cards for the same player results in a yellow card
  • Yellow Card – a player receiving a yellow card must leave the field for 5 minutes and the team must play short for the full 5 minutes even if a goal is scored, 2 yellow cards for the same player results in a red card
  • Red Card – a player receiving a red card is ejected from the game and the team must play short for the remainder of the game
  • Verbal abuse, from the bench, directed at the referee can result in either a blue, yellow, or red card for the bench, it is at the referee’s discretion
  • When a goalkeeper receives a blue card, another teammate may serve the penalty, goalkeepers must serve penalty for all yellow cards

Foul & Misconduct Unique to Indoor Soccer:

2 Minute Penalties

    • Intentional boarding
    • Slide tackles
    • Delay of game
    • Encroachment
    • Jumping over the boards
    • Illegal substitutions
    • 2 hands on the board to shield the ball

5 Minute Penalties

    • Intentional boarding (more severe than 2 minute version)
    • Slide tackles (more severe than 2 minute version)

Out of Bounds:

  • All nets are out of bounds
  • If the ball hits the side nets, the ball is placed at the location it hit 1 yard from wall, except if it hits within the red lines, then it is placed 1 yard from the walls at the red line
  • When the ball hits the nets, the team which gains possession has 5 seconds to get the ball back in play or the referee can award the ball to the other team, except on guaranteed substitutions where they are allowed 15 seconds


  • The goalie can pick the ball up with their hands if passed back within the red lines, players cannot bring the ball back into the red area and then pass to the goalie to pick up
  • All infractions within the red lines, resulting in a direct kick, will be taken from the red line
  • Delaying of the game can be a 2 minute penalty, if this delaying of the game and 2 minute penalty is used as a tactic to run the clock out, the referee can award the other team a penalty kick
  • In the over 35 coed league and the premier leagues, the goalie cannot throw the ball in the air past half field
  • There is no offsides

The following are NOT allowed:

  • Slide tackles
  • Boarding
  • Goalie punting or drop kicking
  • two hands on the board while shielding the ball, two hand can be placed on the board to shield/protect from crashing into the boards




Inclement Weather Policy

Living in New England, we are all quite accustomed to the torments of winter and being an indoor soccer facility allows you to participate regardless of the elements. In general, we will remain open unless we feel that extreme weather conditions make it unsafe.

Please understand that while we respect the decision of those who do not want to go out in inclement weather, we have found that many people prefer to continue on in a “business as usual” mode.

We operate anticipating that teams will show up and play as scheduled unless told otherwise. Please remember that referees are scheduled and there is the opposing team that will also be traveling and expecting to play. If your team does not show up, house rules will be enforced and the game will be considered a forfeit. There will be no makeup game scheduled for either team. The team that shows up will be allowed to practice on the field in the scheduled game time slot.

While we rarely shutdown the facility, in the event this becomes a necessity, the Allsport website will immediately be updated with the current status on our home page. We will do our best to offer a makeup date for all canceled games. If a makeup date cannot be arranged and the game has playoff implications, final standings will be predicated using the normal house rules for determining tiebreakers.


Returned Check Policy

There will be a fee of $30 for all returned checks


Photo Policy

Allsport may from time to time take photographs of players, coaches and fans in our arena to use for our website, social media, or printed materials.  Anyone wishing to not have a photo of them used in the above manner is responsible to bring it to the attention of Allsport management.


Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the building or the parking lots


Pet Policy

No pets are allowed inside the arena. Service animals are welcome and should be under the control of the owner at all times.


  • Age groups may be combined to form leagues
  • No heading allowed in 9U, 10U, 11U leagues


  • A player can only register with one team in a division
  • Adult league players must be 18 years or older or have received permission for an exception to this age rule by management
  • Maximum of 18 players
  • Men’s over 40 leagues can have two players on their rosters between the ages of 35 & 40
  • Coed over 35 limited contact league can have women between 30-35 yr old
  • The use of non-rostered players can result in a forfeit


  • Teams must show up no later than five minutes after the game’s scheduled start time
  • Forfeits are recorded as 4-0 game


  • All protests must be made within 30 minutes of the game, in writing, to the Allsport management along with $100.00 deposit (refundable if protest is upheld). No protests will be allowed on judgment calls of the referee. All decisions by Allsport management are final.

Allsport management reserves the right to remove and prohibit access to Allsport property, temporarily or indefinitely to players, coaches, referees or spectators for illegal, immoral, offensive or inappropriate behavior as seen fit by the management.

The possibility of physical injury associated with soccer is serious, so we expect all participants to act responsibly and show good judgement and sportsmanship when playing

Coaches Code of Conduct:

  • Before, during, and after the game, be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit
  • Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referee
  • During the game you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If one of your players is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, take the player out of the game at least long enough for him or her to calm down.
  • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of the parents of your players. It is imperative to explain acceptable player and parent behavior in a preseason meeting. Encourage them to applaud and cheer for the good plays by either team. Discourage them from yelling at players and the referee.
  • During the game, do not address the referee at all. If you have a small issue, discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently after the game. If you have a major complaint, or if you think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, report your opinion to Allsport management.
  • After the game, thank the referee and ask your players to do the same.

We stress two points:

Referees – especially young and inexperienced ones – are like your players and yourself in that they need time to develop. You can play an important role in helping them to improve by letting them concentrate on the game. You can help by encouraging them, by accepting their inevitable, occasional mistakes and by offering constructive post-game comments. On the other hand, you could discourage and demoralize the referee by criticizing their decisions, by verbally abusing them and inciting – or even accepting – your own players overly aggressive behavior.

Your example is powerful, for better or worse. If you insist on fair play, if you concentrate on your players’ enjoyment of the game and their overall long-term development, and if you support the referee, your players and their parents will notice. If you encourage (or allow) your players to play outside the rules, if you’re overly concerned about results, if you criticize the referee harshly, your players and parents will notice. Think about what you’re doing during a game. Uphold the spirit of the game!

Coaches who don’t follow the expectations described above will be disciplined or removed.


  • Any player, coach or manager ejected from the game must leave the playing area and its immediate surrounding area (stands, benches, etc.) and is out for the next two weeks for all teams that he/she plays on.
  • Any player, coach or manager receiving a combined total 2 red cards (ex: men’s 1 red card, co-ed 1 red card) during one session will be suspended for the remainder of that session and could be out for the season at the discretion of management
  • Any violent action, verbal or physical abuse towards a referee, coach, player or spectator can result in suspension from Allsport