Allsport is an indoor sports facility located at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton, Massachusetts. The business operates during the winter season from November through early April. Our facility offers leagues for soccer, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and field hockey.


At Allsport, we believe that sports are an important part of everyone’s physical, emotional, and social well-being. Participating in sports at Allsport is intended to be fun with a healthy level of competition. We want every participant to walk off the field feeling successful, knowing they did their best and that’s all that matters. Whether you’re a youngster just starting out or a seasoned pro, there’s a spot here for you.


The Big Field Use: Men’s, Women’s, CoEd, Youth Leagues U13 and up, Ultimate Frisbee Dimensions: 175’ x 85’ Walls? Yes.
The Small Field Use: Women’s Rec, Youth Leagues U12 and under, Pickup, Lacrosse Dimensions: 140’ x 60’ Walls? Yes.
The Micro Field Use: Practices, Clinics, Team Warm-up (when available) Dimensions: 75’ x 50’ Walls? No.
The Center Field Use: Practices, Clinics, Team Warm-up (when available) Dimensions: 40’ x 40’ Walls? No.
Arcade: Air Hockey, Car Racing, Pinball, and More.
Concession Stands: Hot Dogs, Pizza, Chips, Candy, Drinks, and More.
Men’s and Women’s Locker Room: Shower and Changing Area.
  • Allsport is a 37,500 square foot facility offering four different size fields.
  • All fields are equipped with synthetic turf playing surfaces and are enclosed with nets.
  • The facility also offers substantial bleacher space for watching games, an arcade area to entertain siblings (and players after the game), and concessions for when you get hungry (or if you forget a water bottle).
  • Over the course of our season, we offer three sessions with a variety of youth and adult leagues, clinics, and tournaments.



Scott is also a physical education teacher at Smith College Campus School and the pied piper of our Budding Stars clinics. You probably have seen him reffing one of your outdoor soccer games. During his summer break he enjoys camping and surf casting in the Outer Banks, with his wife Jan.


Sarah graduated from Westfield where she captained the women's soccer team while earning her business degree. She has now formed her own paint contracting business, an industry she worked in while going to school. When not working Sarah is active in many outdoor activities.